Boys2Men Youth Programs is to help equip minority youth and families with the tools necessary to successfully complete elementary school, transition into middle school and assist families in addressing delinquent behaviors that might lead the youth into the juvenile justice system. Our programming also provides opportunities for high school students to volunteer to work with younger youth while avoiding delinquent activities that could be detrimental to their future.  Additionally, our programming meets the needs of mainstream students who are enrolled in regular education programs as well as alternative school programs, and provides age and developmentally appropriate opportunities for youth and families to build community while learning basic life skills that are conducive to productive members of their communities.  We believe it is important to inspire students and help them to see themselves in a positive light despite their surroundings, family history or current situation. Our programming strives to promote positive self-image, remove barriers that could lead to positive behaviors such as being leaders by working with school counselors, teachers, parents and other community based programs  and teach youth basic leadership skills to be successful in both school and community.

The organization works primarily for the benefit of at risk young males between the ages of ten (10) and thirteen (13) in the Des Moines Public Schools and neighboring community. Currently, Boys to Men meets after-school with Fifth grade boys from area elementary schools on a weekly basis to provide positive support and guidance. These after-school programs function as outlets to connect Fifth grade boys with positive role models from the Greater Des Moines community. Boys to Men also promotes the importance of staying in school and setting goals, notably providing Fifth grade boys a positive path as a way to express themselves.