Boys to Men is committed to continuing to create new and broader pathways and opportunities for boys to develop as young leaders. Mentoring, leadership exploration, and learning are activities that define the current and future activities Boys to Men, youth, and their families will continue to support. Therefore, triumphing life’s adversity with strong and enduring public support can improve the lives of disadvantaged youth for the better, forever.

Through these activities, students will begin or expand the ways in which they define themselves as leaders. Additionally, by equipping families with information about other programs to assist with inappropriate and challenging behaviors, parents can better support their youth as they develop into young men.

As an incorporated non-profit corporation Boys To Men is at the frontline of the at-risk youth battleground. Its vision is to foster values – integrity, leadership, and respect – within the hearts and minds of youth. Its mission is to provide positive, practical, and supportive activities for boys and young men to reach their full potential – as caring, productive, and responsible leaders.