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It’s Easier To Build Strong Children Than Fix Broken Men! Fredrick Douglas

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After School Sessions

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The weekly after-school sessions actively promote teamwork, leadership, and personal responsibility
and offers 5th grade boys’ opportunities to engage read more

Individual & Group Wellness Activities

Individual & Group Wellness Activities

Individual & Group Wellness Activities

Leadership Development Activities

Individual & Group Wellness Activities

Education Enrichment Activities

Individual & Group Wellness Activities

Practical Skills

End of Year Events/ Rewards
Our Events

Finally, Boys 2 Men provides a celebratory event for all its participants who make it to the end of the year. At the conclusion of the event each youth receives a Leadership trophy commemorating their successful completion of the program. They also receive their Boys 2 Men Youth Programs t-shirt, dinner and tickets attend activities such as Sky-Zone or Go-Cart riding as one way to continue to expose them to other ways to have fun. On average we celebrate nearly 40 students each year. We also recognize our nearly 10 volunteers who have helped us make it through the years.

Funding is very important and needed for our organization to continue providing programming in the Des Moines community. We could definitely use donations of any amount to continue our programming of football camps, camping, tours to historical sites, local sporting events, snacks, meals and drinks, t-shirts, games, supplies and a host of other necessities as we continue to be proactive in our efforts to save our youth. This is important because programming and all activities are 100% free to all participants.

Our Events
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